A Technotard Goes Social with Social Media

I am a technotard. Google that term and the definitions displayed read as follows:


  • Someone who has great difficulty navigating new technology, as in: computer programs, DVD players, cell phones, etc.
  • A person who has significant conceptual, behavioral, or intellectual impairment that makes it impossible for them to understand or use even the most rudimentary of electronic devices.
  • Any person living in a technologically modern environment who is either incapable of, or eschews attempts at becoming technologically fluent and competent.


Starting a blog site was the catalyst for my venture into the world of technology. My seven year old niece would have more intuition about how to get set up on social media sites and start a blog than I did. My niece can also text at warp speed using two hands whereas I am still using one hand. Thank goodness one can google “How to” on all topics related to social media and the internet.

Setting up a blog site and launching onto social media requires you to learn whole new language. As with most other professions there exists a plethora of 3 letter acronyms (lol, SMS, SEO, GFI, etc..) and casual terms (tweets, tweeps, churn, etc…). There are also guidelines on etiquette for each site. So somehow in my attempts to learn about internet media I spent 2 weeks reading more about technology than I did for the last 5 years. Yeesh! I was familiar with Facebook, but have now added Instagram and Twitter. Linking them to your website is another story. Keeping up with posting, tweeting, and sharing on social media sites is like having a full-time job…..except it isn’t one and you don’t get paid. One has to read a lot of other blogs to see what others are using in terms of formatting, and templates. Setting things up, breaking the things you set up and not knowing how to “fix it” has been a character building experience.

WBC14So now I am set up and ready to roll with this blog site, tweeting and social media of all forms. Good thing as trying to get into the Wine Bloggers Conference 2014 (WBC14) requires you to have an active blog site. This conference checks your credentials to make sure you have a functioning site. Believe me when I say it’s harder to get in here than it is to attend a Master of Wine Symposium in Florence, Italy. WBC14 started today with the pre-excursions. I’m headed there tomorrow to join the program. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered the skills needed for social media and blogging but at least I’ve tackled them. The conference is guaranteed to provide a wealth of opportunities to blog about. What better place for a technotard to head to the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference to learn about setting up a wine blog, social media, and all things related to wine blogging.

Lisa Stephenson

Certified Specialist of Wine. WSET Diploma student. Slave to the Grape. Traveling the world and tasting fine wines in pursuit of my wine passion.

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